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Welcome to First Grade's 2019/2020 web page!

Mrs. Karen Jamann, First Grade Teacher

First Grade Homework

Week 27

March 9-13, 2020


1. Religion – Review Ch. 16 ideas with pp. 192-194.

2. Reading – Daily Fix-its #1-4 for I’m a Caterpillar.

Weekly Reading Words = done know push visit wait

3. Spelling – Practice List 17 – vowel –r controlled @

List 17 - her were first bird girl shirt sir burn fur hurt

4. Math – Do WB 383.


1. Religion – Color the Stations of the Cross #5-8.

2. Reading – Daily Fix-its for I’m a Caterpillar.

3. Spelling – Practice List 17.

4. Math – Do WB 389.


1. Religion – Color the Stations of the Cross #9-12.

2. Reading – Read aloud fluency practice with Ten Important Sentences for

I’m a Caterpillar.

3. Spelling – Practice List 17.

4. Math – Do WB 393.


1. Religion – Color the Stations of the Cross #13-14.

2. Reading – Read aloud fluency practice with Ten Important Sentences for

I’m a Caterpillar.

3. Spelling – Practice List 17 for a test next week.

4. Math – Do WB 398.


1. Religion – Review Ch. 27 ideas with pp. 307-311.

2. Reading – Practice reading aloud a favorite picture book.

3. Spelling – Practice List 17 for a test next week.

4. Math – Review Data and Graphs with

*Gym clothes needed for Monday.

*Circle your child’s daily dismissal schedule for this week.

Tuesday – Mar. 10

Wednesday – Mar. 11

Irish Dance

Thursday – Mar. 12

Art Club

Friday – Mar. 13

Monday – Mar. 16

Extended Care

Extended Care

Extended Care

Extended Care

Extended Care






Car / Walkers

Car / Walkers

Car / Walkers

Car / Walkers

Car / Walkers

*These skills usually develop during first grade.Checklist for Parents of FIRST GRADERS:The Institute for Literacy has developed the Shining Stars booklet series for parents of children in preschool through grade three who are getting ready or learning to read. To order free copies: write to EdPubs, P.O. Box 1398, Jessup, MD 20794-1398 or call 1 (800) 228-8813 or e-mail: checklist below is provided as a preview of the basic literacy skills that will be addressed in first grade. The National

~ My child knows all the letters of the alphabet.

~My child knows the difference between letters and words, and

knows there are spaces between words in print.

~My child knows that written words represent speech and can

show how words are represented by letters arranged in a

specific order.

~My child knows some punctuation marks and where sentences

and paragraphs begin and end.

~My child is beginning to understand and explain why people read.

~My child can put together (blend) and break apart the sounds of

most one-syllable words and can count the number of syllables in

a word.

~My child can sound out words he doesn’t know, and recognize

some irregularly spelled words, such as have, said, you, and are.

~My child reads first grade books aloud, and can tell when she

cannot understand what she is reading.

~My child reads and understands simple written instructions.

~My child uses what he already knows to enrich what he is


~My child predicts what will happen next in a story.

~My child uses invented spelling in his writing and also

understands that there is a correct way to spell words.

~My child uses simple punctuation marks and capital letters.

~My child writes for different purposes – stories, explanations,

lists, letters – and reacts and revises her writing.

~My child uses language with more control, speaks in complete

sentences, and uses more formal language at school than at

home and with friends.

~My child is beginning to see that some words mean the same

thing (synonyms) and some mean the opposite (antonyms).

~My child is learning that words play different roles in sentences

and that nouns name things and verbs show action.

Mrs. Jamann’s First Grade Schedules

Please note that the following schedules may change occasionally.

First Grade’s weekly summative assessment schedule is:

Monday – Spelling

Tuesday - Religion

Wednesday – Grammar

Thursday – Reading

Friday – Math Maintenance

First Grade’s weekly special classes are:

( This schedule is subject to change.)

Monday – Gym (wear gym clothes to school) and Library

Tuesday – Spanish and Music

Wednesday – Computer and Art

Thursday - STREAM Activities

Friday – Mass

September 2019 Back to School Notes

Mrs. Karen Jamann

610-838-8161 (school office)

Dear First Grade Family,

Welcome to Meet the Teacher night. This is a quick reference of information that will be useful to you during your child’s First Grade experience. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me so we can work together to make this a wonderful year.

Label clothing such as hats, gloves, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. and any other items your child might bring from home.

Absences from school need a written excuse.

If your child is to leave school in a different way please write me a note. I am usually unable to look at emails during the school day, so without a note, your child will be dismissed in their routine dismissal. You may try to call the office for last minute emergencies, but your call may not get through at this busy time.

GRADING All grades count toward report cards. Homework and practice work are checked. Failure to complete any work will be noted and your child’s effort grades will reflect this. Neatness counts! Sloppy work will be returned and must be done over. Please try to review their work with them nightly. Home and school participation makes the difference in their attitude towards their work.

HOMEWORK Your child will bring home a homework copybook every night. This homework copybook is a great place for parent/teacher communication. The Homework folder has 3 pockets: an orange Homework pocket - papers found here are to be done for homework; a blue Keep at Home pocket; and a yellow Return to School pocket which means that these papers must come back to school the following day.

READING Weekly read aloud practice will be sent home to improve sight word recognition. Make-up work will be done in school with any workbooks. Reading word lists will be sent home. Reading word lists must be reviewed nightly.

RELIGION Religion books will be sent home regularly. Please read over the chapter with your child and ask questions about vocabulary and the We Believe section for upcoming tests. Our Catholic Christian faith is incorporated in all aspects of our school day, but it is your example and practice that brings it to life for your child.

GYM The children will have one gym class each week. St. Theresa’s gym uniforms are to be worn to school for gym class. Schedules will be noted in the weekly homework sheet.

RECESS First Grade will go out for recess in the morning and after lunch. Children may bring an extra snack (something small) to eat at morning recess. Your children should not bring any playground games or activities that do not fit in their backpacks. Remember, no guns, electronics or very expensive toys should be brought to school. Please dress your children appropriately for outside play.

SCHOOL ARRIVAL The school children will be admitted inside the school @ 8:00 AM and will be directed where to go. Earlier drop-offs will report to extended care.

BIRTHDAYS You may send in a simple snack for the class on your child’s birthday. Snacks should be peanut free and red dye free.

CLASS LIST FOR 2019-2020

To Be Announced in 1st Day Information Packet

DISCIPLINE My discipline policy for the school year is “Discipline by Colors”. There is a stop light posted in our room:

Green light is the designated color for good behavior with no more than 1 reminder needed for the student to be at his/her best during the school day.

Yellow light means 2 reminders were needed for acceptable behavior to occur during the school day.

Red light means that 3 or more reminders were needed to bring about cooperative behavior that day. If inappropriate behavior persists, then the consequence of missing a recess will be observed for that day.

Any severe disruption, such as fighting, vandalism, or lying would involve a meeting with the teacher, parents, and principal.

Classroom Rules:

1. Be kind.

2. Be safe.

3. Be your best.

Rewards: Students “caught” being a good listener and following these rules will be able to color their day green.

Also an All Star Recess will be given at the end of the week for all first graders who show appropriate behavior.

(Please sign and return the bottom portion.)


I have read First Grade’s Classroom Discipline Plan and discussed it with my child.

Child’s Name _____________________________ Date________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________




If a student chooses not to do their homework, they will complete it during their recess time. Hopefully, this will be an aid to parents who deal with a difficult homework time.

However, if there is a legitimate reason why a student is not able to finish homework, a parent note sent to me on the day the assignment is due will be sufficient. Remember to make homework a fun time together. Your child will be experiencing a lot of “firsts” this year and homework can be a positive experience of time spent with you. I pray that God will bless all your efforts with your child this year. Enjoy this special year with each other and ask me for help anytime you’re not sure of something.

In Christ,

Mrs. Karen Jamann


Absence Excuse

Student’s Name_____________________________________________________________

Date(s) of Absence___________________________________________________________

Reason for Absence__________________________________________________________





Signature __________________________________________________________________

Phone Number______________________________________________________________

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